and the Fianna There are a lot of amazing stories about Finn and we could easily start at the beginning where he is an orphaned prince raised in the woods by old druidesses, and some poets, and then the vagabonds who murdered the poets, and then the druidesses again. The first duck he ever hunted.Continue reading “Finn”

A Word of Warning

My first set of blog posts is about Irish mythology. Irish mythology is non-stop, no hold barred, complete madness. These stories have plot twists that would make M Night Shyamalan dizzy. Sometimes they just stop. You think you’re a hero eloping with your sweet virgin goddess girlfriend? WRONG! Some other asshole in a boat justContinue reading “A Word of Warning”

Angus Og

Part 1 The first character that caught my eye was Angus Og. Angus Og is one of the ever living ones. He wears a lot of flashy gold jewellery and clothing, and carries a gold and silver harp. Whether due to magic or his overwhelming hotness, when he plays that harp, the people around himContinue reading “Angus Og”